Dear Writers, if you're new to writing, please take a few moments to read this mini-manual. If you have already read the manual, then please send us an email:



Honestly, you can write as short or as long as you want. If your article is really short, then we will move it to the snippets section. If it is too long, we will either ask you nicely to cut it or we will split it in a series. So, don’t worry too much about word count and just focus on making it interesting.


We encourage you to use credible sources when you write. Unless your article is an opinion piece or an interview, you must add sources. We prefer you add them directly in the document, by linking text to the source. This is a good resource for citing.


Photos must be of a maximum of 600 pixels width and 900 height.

You can use this free photo editor here. You upload the picture you saved or from an URL and then click on Image -> Image size and you set the width. Remember to have the “constrain proportions” ticked.

Images must be royalty free in order to be used. Even so, you must cite the source of the image at the end of the article: “Image source: Benny’s blog”.

In order to find a free image, you can just search Google and at tools, usage rights, click the "labeled for reuse" choice. Alternatively, you can go to and, after you search for an image, choose the "No known copyright restrictions" options. Furthermore, images from scientific articles in Open Access journals are also free. Images you took are yours and you can do as you please with them. Social media is a gray area and we would advise against using pictures other people's posts on facebook or instagram without their approval.


When you submit an article, you will receive an email within 2 days informing you of your review team and the deadline for reviewing your article, between 1 and 2 weeks. 


All articles will be revised/reviewed by at least two people. The editor in chief will try to team up reviewers from different backgrounds in order to obtain a good balance.

Reviewers will also correct eventual grammar and English mistakes, but we do encourage you to try to submit your text as error-free as possible. At MindMint, we use the Oxford Comma! 

When both reviewers have finished, you will receive an email message with your article! After you've re-revised your article, please send it back to your two reviewers. This back and forth will go on until all parties are satisfied. If there are major issues or disagreements in this process, at any time, you can contact the editor in chief. 

Communication is thoroughly encouraged! We are all people trying to make a good thing happen, but keep in mind that we do come from different backgrounds and we have different skills. Do not take comments personally, we are all here to learn from one another and make this cool thing happen!

Keep in mind that plagiarism laws prevent you from copy-pasting the same article on a different website/publication. If you want to reuse your article, please contact us beforehand.



If you’ve written a lot of good quality articles, maybe it’s time you think about joining the editorial board! - thinking ahead here, as well. If not, don’t worry, we love one-hit-wonders too! From all of us at the editorial board, have a wonderful time writing!