Our Story

Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away, there were PhD students with a particular interest to share and communicate their research. But how would they transform these interests into reality, all the way up in the North of the Netherlands? How could they reach society as a whole in a way that would make it refreshing and fun for people to engage with their research?

As with most things in life, the right people with the right ideas met at the right time.

The idea was instigated by Steven and Désirée who were part of the Gopher board 2016 - 2017. The Groningen organisation for PhD education and recreation had just started to create  “members’ initiatives”, which are clubs for PhDs with similar ideas or hobbies. Steven and Désirée set up a plan in February 2017 to start recruiting people with a similar interest in research communication. They began discussing how the platform should look like and what the basic idea was. They found that more and more PhD students expressed their interest in communicating their research to the public to create a positive societal impact.

Soon, a club of about 6 people was founded and the brainstorming began. What were we going to be called, how would we spread our research ideas, how would we train ourselves to become good research communicators and how would we make the public engage with our content? The creative minds and refreshing ideas of Dorieke, Annique, Sandra, Marah, Steven and Désirée soon led to the start of the platform that we know today: MindMint. Initial ideas by Ioana Margineanu and Andrea Soto contributed to the foundation of MindMint.  In particular Ioana's contribution to setting up the in depth editing/reviewing process and design of the website and Andrea's business ideas and design of our beautiful logo.

In producing content (articles, videos and social media snippets) and providing training to researchers, MindMint wants to create a platform for society to engage with research in a fun and appealing way. Join us either by writing articles and creating videos, or helping out with running the organisation or simply engage with us by reading, sharing, commenting and, most importantly, being curious and asking questions.