Research in 60 seconds: Resilience Against Flooding

Explaining your research can seem daunting, difficult and perhaps even downright impossible! How about explaining it in only 60 seconds?

This is exactly what Steven Forrest does when he uses Lego to explain his PhD research on flood resilience in England and the Netherlands. Steven is a PhD researcher at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences at the University of Groningen. He entered this video as part of the University of Groningen's Sustainable Society Impact Award 2016 and came first! Watch his video below to find out more about his PhD research:

Video made for the Sustainable Society Impact Award 2016 by Steven Forrest (PhD Researcher, University of Groningen) 

Steven Forrest's research: Steven's PhD research focuses on flood resilience at the local level in the UK and the Netherlands. His research explores the role of emerging citizen initiatives in strengthening the capacities of local communities (i.e. building flood resilience) and in influencing the existing governance arrangements in England and the Netherlands. It is important to understand this as it can help community flood groups, local officials and communities, national policy-makers, and NGOs to better understand ‘flood resilience’ and help us to bridge the gap between theory and practice. 

As part of winning the Sustainable Society Impact Award 2016, Steven was interviewed about his PhD research for this short video by the University of Groningen:

Steven Forrest, winner of the Sustainable Society Impact Award 2016

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