Research in 60 seconds: Soil Bacteria and their Resilience

Explaining your research can seem daunting, difficult and perhaps even downright impossible! How about explaining it in only 60 seconds? 

This is exactly what Stephanie Jurburg does with her research on microbial resilience and soil quality. Stephanie is a PhD researcher in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Groningen. She entered this video into the University of Groningen's Sustainable Society Award 2016 and came third! Watch her video below to find out more about her PhD research:

Video made for the Sustainable Society Impact Award 2016 by Stephanie Jurburg (PhD Researcher, University of Groningen) Microbial Resilience and Soil Quality

Stephanie Jurburg's research:  Billions of bacteria cover nearly every surface and compartment in our planet, and form specific communities in each environment they inhabit. Bacterial communities are an integral part of all ecosystems, aiding in nutrient cycling in the soil, to digestion in our guts. My research focuses on understanding how interactions between these bacteria shape the communities over time, and to understand how bacteria recover from disturbances--not as individuals, but as a communal unit.  

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